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  • The entire staff is very polite and professional each time I visit

    I’m extremely happy with the service I’ve received from Ava at The Naderi Center in Reston. Her knowledge of BBL procedures and the skin care products to accompany the procedures is very impressive. I’ve had 3 BBL treatments and my skin has completely changed for the better! The dark spots are getting lighter and the texture of my skin is so soft. Thank you Ava!

    The entire staff is very polite and professional each time I visit. If you’re looking for a qualified, caring staff to listen to your needs and provide the best course of care for your imperfections (wink), The Naderi Center is the place to go!

    5 stars
    Cin Valdez
  • Dr. Naderi did an amazing job on my nose!

    Dr. Naderi did an amazing job on my nose! So blessed to have been referred to him!

    5 stars
    Floating On
  • Excellent surgeon!!

    Excellent surgeon!! I moved to the area not long ago and found Dr. Naderi online by reading his reviews about him. I took the chance and went with him and I am very pleased I did!! He is very honest and detail oriented. He did a great job and am very happy with my results. Dr. Kulak is also an amazing surgeon. I recommend the Naderi Center to everyone. Thank you for a job well done!!

    5 stars
    Mehrnoosh Daneshjoo
  • The staff were very helpful throughout the process

    The staff were very helpful throughout the process. They do not push you to do procedures. I got tear trough filler for my under eye circles and the doctor advised me to do smaller injections so I can see what the results look like and build upon them if I would like, rather than using more at once and having to wait 6 months for the results to wear off if I am dissatisfied. I appreciate that they are more concerned with my satisfaction than getting every dime they can out of me.

    5 stars
    Stefanie Bushnell
  • I highly recommend Dr. Naderi

    I highly recommend Dr. Naderi. He truly is a specialist and sets realistic expectations and delivers. If you’re looking to work with the best your search should end here – I took hours researching surgeons and even considered out of state before choosing Dr. Naderi, there just isn’t any better feeling than the satisfaction of knowing you dealt with the best and have outstanding results. I’m only 3 months into surgery and extremely pleased with his work.

    5 stars
    Emmir Quiroga
  • Five stars and highly recommended practice

    A Nurse who works locally in the cosmetic surgery and services profession referred me to Dr. Naderi. I made an appointment and was scheduled for a consultation about 3 months later. From the initial contact throughout the consultation, Dr Naderi and his staff were exceptional. The facility is impeccable and offers various services. Most important is the encounter with Dr Naderi and staff. They were professional and have a gift for making you comfortable as they interact with you.

    I went for a non surgical nose consultation. Dr Naderi took the time to explain different options and was completely honest in telling me that my situation was not ideal for non surgery. He also explained that surgery would be the best path if I was looking for improvements but he never tried to persuade me. He passed up the opportunity to sell me on filler because his experience proved it was not the best choice. He could have made quick money on me but he chose to be a professional with integrity. He is worth the wait. I will be thinking about his recommendation and will go back to him if I choose the surgical route. Five stars and highly recommended practice.

    5 stars
    Kevin Wolfe
  • The office staff was great!

    The office staff was great! They are friendly and down to earth which is important to me because it made me feel more comfortable. Dr Naderi was so nice and the whole process was pain free and quick. Lastly, my result was instant and very natural looking. I will be back for my next spot in 6 months or so. Highly recommend.

    5 stars
    Daily Life!
  • Dr. Kulak is the best

    From the initial phone call to gather information and schedule an appointment, my experience with Dr, Kulak and the Naderi Center was the best. There was always someone available to answer my questions or call me back quickly. Dr. Kulak is the best! She is most concerned with patient safety and comfort. Anyone considering this procedure should speak with Dr. Kulak first .

    5 stars
    Susan Book
  • Dr. Naderi is very personable, and listens carefully to all your concerns

    Sr. Naderi and all the girls working there are so welcoming making you feel more than comfortable. Dr. Naderi is very personable, and listens carefully to all your concerns, and gives his honest professional as well, which I love. Honestly they just do amazing work here, and have never left not feeling better about myself.

    5 stars
    Shannon Cain
  • I absolutely LOVE my new nose

    It’s been one month since my nose job with Dr. Naderi and I can definitely say this man changed my life!!! I absolutely LOVE my new nose and it’s only been one month so I know it’ll only get better from here! Dr. Naderi is so caring and knowledgeable about what he does- I am so glad I chose him for such an intense procedure (hello it’s the middle of your face!), no matter the price, he is 100% worth it.

    5 stars
    Ravin Grad