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I have had a major disaster with fillers


I have had a major disaster with fillers (captique).  I am hoping that maybe you can give me some insite as to what may have happened because my doctor along with allergan has never seen this reported as they say anyway.  I had botox for crows feet and upper eye brow lift.  I am a 32 year old healthy female just going in for a 30’s touchup.  This was my first time with botox or fillers.  I used the captique under eye to fill in the hollows which is hereditary.  He did quite a few injections in the orbital area under eye.  I did get a bruise toward the end of the injection.  After the bruise went away, I went in for a checkup and he gave me a touchup of the leftover captique that I had remaining in my seringe.  He put this in the corner of my eye, toward my nose, in the orbital area.  Within 1-2 days, the left side of my eye started swelling.  He just kept telling me that it was a hematoma and would go away in a month or 2.  Well, the swelling did not stop, it went to my upper eyes and then the right eye and was as hard as a rock and about the size of a large gum ball.  I found out that I had got a major bacterial infection after finally taking myself to the emergency room. The knots were filled with blood and puss.  This has been going on for 3 weeks and I am repulsed about all this and the money that I had spent.  I went in to his office today and he just cut them open and squeezed the mess out of them and told me to keep doing the same at home.  I look horrible. By my pictures, it looked as though I had cellulitis but he says labs say no.  I now have scars and still do not know if I will have soft tissue damage or scar tissue damage, is there anyway to know this?  Also when I feel along the top obrbital bone or cartliage, whatever that is, it feels really bumpy, it was not like that before the infetion set in, therefore, I do not think that it could be the captique do you?  It almost feels like that part of bone or cartlige is messed up, is this possible??? Could swelling do this, but as said not little pea size knots along the top and lage gumball puss. blood filled sacks in the corners of the eyes trying to heal, what a mess.  How do I know if maybe he injected the filler into a blood vessel?  If he did, how would I know???  Would I definately go blind right away or have something major happen?  I am the only one that seems to me taking this seriously.  Please help and advice you can provide will be appreciated.  Also, should a surgeon fix or correct and problems to make you look normal again after a procedure like this?  If so, can their be legal ramifications that I can pursue.  I do not want to take that path, I just want to look and feel normal again.  I have not been able to leave my home for a month.  i would be happy to send you pics.   Lastly, he says that I probably won’t look like myself again for 3 months or so, do you think that it is o.k. to ask for my money back.  I have not got to reap any benefits out of all the money that I have spent.  I have done nothing but spent this part of my summer with warm and cold compresses on my face, wore huge sunglasses, stayed at home, in and out of  the hosppital, picked and poked with needles to drain, high fevers from the infections….HELP, I AM A MESS…thanks so much, your great and thanks for listening.


I am sorry to hear about your terrible situation.  I can tell you that any time a needle penetrates the skin, there is a VERY slight risk of infection, however, after thousands of injections, I have never seen an infection – although it is possible.

The first thing is first:  If there was an infection then that has to be addressed first.  You should at the least see one other Facial Plastic or Plastic Surgeon for a 2nd opinion.  Scar tissue and the money you spent are secondary at this point.  Taking care of this “acute” process is the first step.  Once the area has healed then there are things that can minimize scarring although it is likely that you may have at the least some long term aesthetic effect from this but hopefully not.

I do not think it is unreasonable for your doctor to refund the money you paid but that will be between you and him.

If the infection is controlled and there is no acutely expanding hematoma, then at this point your risk of blindness should not be any different that prior to getting the injection.

Make sure you obtain close and frequent follow-up till everything has healed properly.

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